Private Pilot


The FAA requires a minimum of 40 flight hours in order to obtain a private pilot license. 


You can start at any age but must be at least 16 years of age before you can take your first solo flight and 17 before you take your final flight exam. You must pass a physical, written exam, oral exam and final flight exam (practical).


It all starts here!

For training, TSA requires proper identification on file before instruction can begin.   Please review the following to ensure you bring with you the necessary documentation to prove your identity and citizenship.

Please provide in person, a valid U.S. passport OR, drivers license AND an orginial birth certificate. Copies or documentation received via email are not acceptable.

Your first step is to register with TSA prior to enrollment with our school. You can not start training until we recieve a "Permission to Initiate Training" directly from TSA.  Please click here to register. 

Please print, review, sign and return the following paperwork (originals) along with proof of identification as described in step 1.  You will need a medical before your first solo, however you can begin training without it.

Do not return this form.

Once we have received your paperwork, you simply need to call us and make a reservation to begin your new journey of becoming a pilot!

Training & Rental Hours
Training and rental services are available 24/7 when scheduled with advanced notice.
Business Office Hours

Monday-Saturday  8am-5pm

Closed 12-1 for lunch

Sundays  Closed



    GPS directions: type in Spinks Airport

    Fort Worth Spinks Airport (KFWS) 

    450 Alsbury Court, Burleson, TX  76028



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